Scotty :: The Coming (write-up)

Published On September 2, 2013 | By $tack | Featured, LyfeStyle, News, The Trap Couch (vids)

Not 5 hours or so ago I received a couple video’s of Scotty’s latest performances in my email. I just so happen to be in the A taking care of some biz and getting a few things set up for A3C, so I hadn’t really had a chance to check them out or give them a post for that matter. Less than an hour or so ago, I found myself coolin’ in a smoke filled room, macbooks open, a half 5th of HJD on the table and an excited Scotty anxious to share what he had been working on… I don’t know why I’m so privileged at times but I’d probably liken this experience to that of a Jay Z fan getting the opportunity to hear magna carta from the man himself before anyone else even knew the project was coming… DJ Mike Mars is almost cocky in his approach as he reaches over to adjust the volume before Scotty begins playing the first track… You see, Mike knows it’s a wrap. It’s game time and his team has the advantage. The very first track Scotty plays totally blows my mind. I can’t believe the progression since F.A.I.T.H. I’ve been a Scotty fan since the day I heard dude but this new sound is unbelievable… Even Scotty cracks a smile from time to time almost as if he’s hearing the project for the first time… You know the “Did I Really Just Say That??” look. You probably won’t believe me but I’m almost willing to say this is the best collection of music I’ve heard in a long long while… I’m talking ATL classics… Trap Music, Aquemini, TM101… Better than those… Outta respect for the artistry and for the sake of anticipation, I’ll spare the details about the star studded production and content. I’m sure Scotty has a grand rollout in the works… After rolling through 20 tracks or so we wrap the session, exchange daps and part ways. I’m excited about the future for Scotty and most of all looking forward to the day when I can own my own copy of the records I heard this evening… Until then… Check out some new footage of his latest shows. – @stackmoses

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