Scotty hits Nice Kicks x RockSmith Stages | SXSW 2014 (video)

Published On March 17, 2014 | By $tack | The Trap Couch (vids)

I remember watching Scotty two years ago during SXSW, and while I was a huge fan, the venues he rocked were few, far and in between, smaller crowds, less important sponsors, etc… Fast forward two years and you can see that the hard work is beginning to pay off. He’s jumped from the little guy on the block to rocking some of the most notable stages ie. Nice Kicks, RockSmith, Ballers Eve and more! Below are a couple of vids of his shows thus far. #ENJOY – @stackmoses



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  • #GrinDKinGz

    Definitely a fan.. got a chance to see him in Dallas (#SpaghettiJuntionTour) and ScottyATL is holding.. Dude can’t sleep.. when does he have time? Keep Grinding homey #Salute #PowerMoves