No Fear [Last Conversation of 2013] – by Nita Jai (write-up)

Published On December 31, 2013 | By $tack | Featured, LyfeStyle


WOW! Can you guys say what a year! 2013 has been filled with exciting, inspiring, monumental, and cultural moments that has shifted us into a perspiring New Year of 2014.
Looking back on this past year has been one hell of a roller coaster ride for me and I have learned more about myself than I have ever in the past. To simply say that I have grown would be minimizing all the accomplishments and even disappointments I have gone through in 2013. What I can say is God made this year special to my future. He put me in the most influential experiences that made me more prepared to conquer my dreams than ever before. I went from writing in a journal & notes in my iPhone to sharing my thoughts of prevailing through life’s ups and downs on a platform. Diamondznwood was founded on a simple idea of an underground culture for music and 2 years later has grown into so much more than that. Only less than a year ago was I introduced and had no idea what I could even bring to the table. I didn’t want to be like every other “blogger” and give my opinion about an album or certain artist. I wanted to touch the beginning core of the dreamer, the unaware, & the lost soul, but first I had to declare myself as a Wrier. I wanted to speak to the person who has dreams of being the “NEXT” or the “BEST” whether it was in music, art, modeling, entrepreneur, community activist, or just an overall better human being. Whatever your heart is set on I wanted to touch that. So, I brought my weird world into yours. Now our DNW brand has entered into so many different lanes from fashion, videos, documentaries, community outreach & most of all a voice for the underdawgs. Not one thank you or compliment went unnoticed and from the bottom of my heart I want to say “Thank You.” I think we all have accomplished something this year whether you see it as a life changing accomplishment or not. At times we disregard the little things because we think they don’t impact the bigger picture which in fact they do. It is those small reminders, those small goals or to do list that propels our present. We all get so caught up in looking 10 years of life ahead that we exclude what the present holds. I too have been a victim of this. I’m not saying don’t prepare for your future, but don’t get so caught up in what you can not see, that you become unaware of what’s right in your face. One of my most learned lessons this year was to love where I am are now. Be happy with the person you are today even if you know you need some modifications. Live and Learn, yes it’s that simple. New Rules became the term this year to set your own trends. Push your existence & culture to new heights. We have gotten a chance to see how music affects our culture with dropping albums with no promotion (twice), New marketing strategies, New Slaves, Pictures starting careers, Re birthing competition in Rap, lanes being closed to real street music, Shifting gears to Trap Music, interviewing artist as if they were block buster premiers, the year of Rants, and hip-hop becoming the new age rock stars. If I dusse so myself this year has been true to Us. The new age of thinking on our own terns & not giving a fuck is where this generation is headed. I am ready for 2014 because I have made peace with 2013. While you guys get ready to bring in the New Year whether you are counting down in the house of the Lord, sitting at home with loved ones watching the NY ball to drop or being drunken hott girls in a club I hope that you toast to conquest, love & triumph in 2014. No Fear at our doorsteps….

-Nita Jai

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