Divinity by Nita Jai (write up)

Published On October 16, 2013 | By $tack | LyfeStyle


Hello my Beautiful, Creative, Driven PEOPLE! I am so JOYED to be bringing you a new conversation this week. I pray that it finds you in peace & prosperity. Normally, when I write it comes from inspiration because I find it really hard to artistically write something and deliver it doesn’t come from a special place. I know it may sound weird, but it’s just like riding in your car listening to your favorite song with it on repeat and it gives you this feeling that makes you feel indestructible. It’s a process that musicians should go through as they write & record music. That’s what makes great music, the emotional connection that the listener gets as they connect with what the artist is trying to interpret. I may not be able to rap but I can definitely write it. I feel its my duty to be that inner voice to tell you, GET UP & GO GET IT!!!! I know that some of you may not really understand the concept of music business or even our Underground World that you come to when you read these convo’s. Honestly, I don’t write for you to understand. I do it to draw a connection between the human value of creativity that each of you have deep inside to how it interacts with this world of music. My duty is to the PEOPLE. How will my city, my family, my friends & my team benefit by us drawing this connection.

Last week the team & I (DNW) attended AC3 HIP- HOP MUSIC FESTIVAL in Atlanta as one of media & music sponsors. In which of course our brand is very familiar with the music scene in ATL, but we basically got to just indulge in the atmosphere. It was a great experience! I am always excited to be around hip-hop lovers, but just to be able to see major Artist perform live & intimate like Meek Mill & ASAP FERG to our underground favorites like SCOTTY ATL was a very humbling experience. Though I love live concerts the best part really hit close to home. I got a chance to sit in a studio session and catch up with Solo Lucci who if you don’t know is breed from my hometown of Fort Worth, TX. I’ve been tracking this dude for a minute and with this being our first one-on-one encounter with each other I was able to hear his sound evolving. It was amazing! I’ve been blessed enough to be able to get beginning insights on artist when then they are the most hungry, when all they want to do is eat & sleep music. Solo recently dropped his latest project “#FYFR: Fuck Your Favorite Rapper” so to already be hearing new music from him made me overly excited for the next project. He discussed his business ventures, the grind in being in a different city & of course we talked about our city and where its headed in the future. On the plane ride back to DFW I couldn’t help but to keep replaying Solo’s video I recorded on my iphone. I was inspired by his passion. The passion he gave to us in that recording room as he put on a show for us while playing his new tracks is something we all felt. As people we all have duties to live a passion. I don’t care what it is. Why not live it? Because really if you’re not passionate about SOMETHING what are you truly living for? In the documentary “Made in America” directed by Ron Howard Hov quotes this “ Every human being has a genius level of talent… YOU just have to find it.” Many people ask me all the time why haven’t I moved out of Texas? Why keep coming back to DFW? “You’re to talented for Texas, take your talents somewhere else!” At some point I really started believing that. It seemed sometimes that my plan was taking to long, that people didn’t really understand my reasons for taking this path… I became doubtful. I won’t give up on DFW, ever! That’s my purpose, my passion. See the problem isn’t YOUR process, it isn’t your beliefs or dreams, it isn’t your fault that you think about what may seem impossible, that the task is to BIG to be done, that your mind wonders because you want more for yourself… you are SUPPOSE to think about life this way. It is your Passionate Purpose. It is your right to be an enlightened thinker & go after those thoughts to make them come to life. To the people that don’t understand it they don’t have to because they don’t know what it feels like to have found that passion. That same passion I saw in Solo has he performed right before my eyes. You are not alone. Go do whatever the fuck you want.

Home is behind, a whole world is ahead.

-Nita Jai ☺

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